Our Services

Polay + Swann can give you structure and traditional support with full service, without the need to outsource to specialist companies.



We can assist you with monthly, quarterly or annual creation of your accounting books of record. We will import all of your credit card, debit card and check transactions, create financial statements, and customized reports. Tax savings and strategies are also important and our cloud solution expertise will empower you to utilize your books to make proactive decisions for the future.


Formal compiled financial statements may be required for clients that have outside investors or bank finance. We will assist you in insuring that your loan and investment covenants are fulfilled in a timely and punctual manner along with a Certified Public Accountant signature.

Cloud Ecosystem


Cloud accounting gives you the option to save all of your data on a web-based platform that you can always access, no matter what happens to your books and records. Our team of cloud on-boarding specialists can help implement the document storage solution of your dreams – This means that your customers can pay you electronically, with a portal branded with your company logo, and you will have the capability of swiping and paying bills directly from your mobile device. The possibilities are endless.


We can operate as your full service, accounting department solution. All documents and invoices are accessible remotely. Payment of payables are at the client’s direction with a user-friendly interface. Local check printing, remote check printing and a host of electronic options are available and customizable. This solution will help you save on your overall accounting and bookkeeping costs and enhance the speed accuracy and usability of your financial information.

Tax Returns

Our staff of Certified Public Accountants, who hold Masters degrees in Taxation, work diligently to ensure compliance while minimizing taxes. We make ourselves available throughout the year in order to plan and to be proactive whenever a non-routine business transaction takes place.


If you are building a new corporation, we can assist you in determining whether subchapter S is the correct entity choice and guide you with the compliance and timing of the election. Regular C corporations are ideal for some companies but could be disastrous for other companies – we will assist you in working out where your business fits and how to keep up with the correct filing procedures.


We have years of experience working with LLC and partnership tax returns. Businesses and ventures with more than one owner will choose LLC as their entity formation over any of the other entity options. There are also many reasons a sole proprietor will also choose LLC as their business avatar.


We have specialized in taxation for high-net worth individuals for over 25 years. Multi-State and International tax optimization is second nature to us. This experience allows us to work with individuals with basic tax return needs and expand our assistance as their careers grow and change.


Receiving a notice from the IRS causes a tremendous amount of anxiety. We will get to the root of the cause and provide expertly guided council and correspondence to resolve the matter in an efficient manner. The majority of notices our clients receive are routine and resolved without tax impact to their wallet. In the rare case of audit, our certified public accounting staff will buffer, and if you choose, eliminate interactions with the IRS agent. We will handle every detail from start to finish.


If you are in the unfortunate position of owing a daunting amount of taxes from prior years, this may be a viable option to greatly reduce the total amount payable to the IRS. We will help you compile the documentation and handle the submission and correspondence required for a successful offer in compromise.


An integral part of a successful career is building a lasting legacy not only for family but for community. For our actively philanthropic clientele, the family foundation is the perfect choice for charitable giving. Each of our staff members are experienced with compliance and consulting at the federal and multi-state level.


Many self-employed and high net-worth individuals are subject to estimated tax payments. Though proper planning and projecting, we can help you determine if your quarterly estimates require adjustment. Also, proactive quarterly tax planning analysis and discussions can enhance the dashboard of decision making tools needed throughout the year.


A CWA is an agreement entered into by the non-resident alien (NRA) athlete or entertainer, a designated withholding agent and an authorized representative of the Internal Revenue Service. The CWA is not effective unless all parties have signed the agreement. In the agreement you agree to file Form 1040 NR for the year in which the CWA covers independent personal services. If the tour covers a period that spans additional calendar years, more than one CWA may be required. We can assist you with completion of this important document.

Business Management


We will tailor the services needed on a monthly basis to suit your needs. This is a unique hybrid of tax, consulting and back office accounting. We can turn services on or off based on the stage of your career.


Having a centralized and specialized staff with knowledge of the industry is a critical component to round out your management and legal team. Services include, but are not limited to, tax compliance, tax planning, payroll, bill payment, budgeting, forecasting, royalty analysis, tour budgeting, merchandise accounting, contract financial review and non-routine problem solving.