Catrice Swann


As the first employee of Polay + Swann, Catrice helped form and implement the company’s values of protecting and caring for valued clients from the very beginning. She and Robert shared a single desk when the company began. She is walking proof that you can be both analytical and creative. She’s a “number crunching, problem solving, gift wrapping, costume designing, create something great from little of nothing” warrior goddess.

With her, what you see is what you get. She is transparent and freely shares her knowledge, expertise, and most importantly her unending encouragement. Being that she is “The Ultimate Cheerleader” she approaches life with great positivity knowing there is nothing she can’t overcome. As she believes in herself, so she believes in you and with great expectation and support propels those in her circle to the next level. She works hard to be the woman she is meant to be and understands that change is inevitable but transformation is a choice. She desires the same for her clients and makes an effort to not only meet their current needs (be responsive) but to support clients by being a proactive problem solver. She believes you must be prepared to answer the question and the follow up questions!